What Details Help Nutrislice Troubleshoot an Ordering Issue?

Every now and then there may be an error that Nutrislice Support needs to take a look at. Receiving a screenshot of your view when the error occurs, and knowing whether you are using a web browser or the Nutrislice app helps expedite our troubleshooting process. We appreciate screenshots that include the full view of the checkout page or the following information:

    1. The location and meal connected to the order
    2. The date(s) you attempting to place the order for
    3. The item(s) included in the order
    4. Responses selected for all required fields
    5. The error message you are receiving, and where it is appearing on the page
Nutrislice Support strives to assist all inquiries in a timely manner so you can get your orders placed before the cutoff time. Depending on the circumstance, we may request more details during our troubleshooting process. Please note that Nutrislice is only able to answer questions about our software platform. We recommend reaching out to your organization if you have any questions regarding the menu, food preparation, or order fulfillment.